What does GMDx do?

GMDx has genomic tools that provide a comprehensive Innate Immune Fitness (IIF) Profile

GMDx is delivering a new generation of genomic analytics and diagnostically actionable bioinformatics based on our platform technology that combines proprietary predictive algorithms, sophisticated analytics and machine learning capabilities

How is this done?

GMDx uses proprietary methods to:

  • Identify the genomic context of the mutations
  • Identify the source of the mutations
  • Generate an Innate Immune Fitness (IIF) Profile by combining genomic context and source metrics

Why is Innate Immune Profiling Important?

Analysing an individual’s Innate Immune Fitness (IIF) provides the diagnostic ability to predict an individual’s capability to mount an effective Adaptive Immune Response to therapy in a range of disease states.

Abnormal profiles are indicative of impaired immune function and can be used to predict the patient’s ability to mount an effective adaptive immune response.

GMDx builds genomic ‘maps’ using big data analysis to describe human capacity to launch an effective immune response.

These maps are used to predict ‘responders’ to cancer treatment. Accurately predicting patient response before beginning treatment will have profound implications for patient outcomes measured by time, cost and efficacy.