Bernie Romanin

Chief Executive Officer and Director
B App Sci and Grad Dip Marketing

Bernie Romanin has extensive healthcare experience in Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Bioinformatics and Medical Devices gained in Australia and internationally including commercial expertise (sales, marketing and business development) spanning more than 35 years.

During almost a decade in the USA with Chiron, Novartis and Bayer he has directed market development activities to identify, validate and commercialise new opportunities in diagnostics in the areas of Infectious Diseases (Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS), Oncology, Cardiovascular Disease and Metabolic Disorders.

Bernie has significant experience in managing start-up and new market business opportunities particularly in Technology Licensing and Partnerships and broad experience in managing a multi-functional organisation including R&D, sales and marketing, business development and market research.

Dr. Robyn A. Lindley

Chief Scientific Officer and Director
Inventor and Developer of the TSM Platform.

BSc, MInfoTech, PhD

Dr. Robyn A. Lindley is Science Director, and an Honorary Senior Fellow in the Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Although her first degrees are in physics and informatics, Robyn is an immunogeneticist who has been publishing on the molecular mechanisms of evolution and somatic hypermutation for almost two decades.

Robyn has been credited as a co-discoverer of the first data-driven evidence showing that the immunoglobulin somatic hypermutation process involves an mRNA intermediate, and that the strand-bias mutation signatures generated during somatic hypermutation of immunoglobulin genes, are evident in several cancers. She is the sole discoverer of the specific codon-contexted targeted somatic mutation (TSM) signatures of nucleotide-specific deaminase enzymes that are now heavily implicated in many cancers.

More recently, Robyn has developed methods to identify the inferred deaminase binding domains of enzymes that predict recurrence of cancer. She is turning these foundation discoveries into new genetic tests.

Melanie Leydin

Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary
Bachelor of Business (Accounting/Corporate Law)

Melanie Leydin holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting and Corporate Law. She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and is a Registered Company Auditor. She graduated from Swinburne University in 1997, became a Chartered Accountant in 1999 and since February 2000 has been the principal of Chartered Accounting and Corporate Secretarial firm, Leydin Freyer. The practice provides outsourced company secretarial and accounting services to public and private companies across a host of industries including but not limited to the Resources, technology, bioscience, biotechnology and health sectors. Melanie has over 25 years’ experience in the accounting profession and has extensive experience in relation to public company responsibilities, including ASX and ASIC compliance, control and implementation of corporate governance, statutory financial reporting, reorganisation of Companies and shareholder relations.

Richard Rendell

Non-Executive Director

An accomplished Melbourne-based company director and CEO with 18 year’s experience in healthcare, precision medicine, life-sciences, information technology, M&A, investment, commercialisation, globalisation and compliance. ​Richard has recently been covered in Forbes magazine regarding his company Applied Precision Medicine, one of a portfolio of 4 companies he has created over a 7 year period. His success in Healthcare, Medical Device, and Digital Health sectors showcases an ability to identify and pursue emerging markets using proven adaptive business models under strong compliance and governance.  At Oracle Corporation, Richard owned several product divisions with responsibility for global strategy in sales, marketing, consulting, product development, education and support. He led technical and commercial due diligence in many Oracle acquisitions. Richard is also media trained and has worked with journalists in the United States and Australia. Richard was an advisory board founder at iSelect Pty Ltd where he returned in 2008 as CIO to deliver significant business restructuring to support new insurance markets building iSelect’s next chapter in digital strategy. iSelect listed on the ASX in June 2013 at a value of AU$300M.

Matt Kilpatrick

Corporate Advisor and Director – GMDx Co Pty Ltd

An experienced executive and corporate advisor that has successfully executed numerous business development and advisory roles, lead capital raising initiatives, provided strategic business direction and hands on management to support successful commercialisation of new technologies.
An innovative leader that is able to undertake key business development roles from early stage start-ups through to established entities looking for scale.

Known for implementation of M&A strategies, effective strategic leadership, efficient project management and a “hands on” approach to achieve solid founder and investor returns.

Dr. Nathan Hall

Senior Scientist
BSc(Hons), PhD

Dr. Nathan Hall is an accomplished researcher with expertise in bioinformatics, computational biology and genomics sciences.  His background is in biomedical research, starting out his career over twenty years ago when genomes were only beginning to be sequenced.  Nathan collaborates widely and is published in areas such as Cancer research and genomic analyses.

Nathan understands the importance of integrating computational biology with medical and scientific research to maximise the benefits of modern sequencing technologies.  With this understanding of the power of genomic technology, Nathan is engaging with Medical Practitioners, laboratory scientist and researchers, and computational professionals to bring together a platform for genomic testing moving into the future.

Dr. Jared Mamrot

BSc(Hons), MCE, PhD

Dr. Mamrot is a bioinformatician/data scientist who completed his PhD in developmental genomics at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Victoria, Australia. He has experience developing novel computational pipelines and applying innovative methods to complex biological challenges. He is an active member of the scientific community and is an ambassador for reproducibility and open science initiatives for the journal eLife and

At GMDx, he is applying state-of-the-art artificial intelligence / machine learning methods to drive scientific advances in immunology and oncology. He is currently heading the machine learning program developing novel approaches to predict patient response to treatments for many diseases.