GMDxco – Gene Mutation Diagnostics 2018-03-15T11:17:22+00:00

GMDx Co Pty Ltd is a Gene Mutation Diagnostic company entering a rapidly growing global market that is primed to adopt our significant R&D breakthroughs in cancer diagnostics.

Our transformational platform technology is protected by patent applications including US, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Australia that originate in 2012.

GMDx Co. has developed a true platform technology that provides for a wide suite of applications in monitoring the immune-like response of individuals, and for the personalisation of treatment plans. As such, the TSM platform opens up new market opportunities, and provides incumbents already in the industry with a greatly enabling and advanced genomic test capability.

Our patent-pending proprietary Targeted Somatic Mutation (TSM) diagnostic test capabilities represent a novel set of advances in the area of clinical diagnostics that are based upon a new disruptive genomics test algorithm that provides ‘actionable’ metrics for clinicians.